Khuram Hussain, BA (Hons) Youth and Community Development Graduate 2018 Khuram Hussain

"I loved every minute of my course at Bradford College. It was great training and now I have a full-time job with Bradford Council's Youth Service."




Laura Houliston, BA (Hons) Social Nutrition and Health, current student 2019Laura Houliston

"I'm currently doing a work placement as the Nutritionist for the Castleford Tigers rugby team, I absolutely love it! Working with all the lads, doing their diet plans, it has been the best experience ever! The activity they're doing has an impact on what they have to eat and if they have a high-powered training session, I need to make sure they're eating plenty of carbohydrates beforehand."



Bernadette O'Horo, BA (Hons) Social Work Student, 2017

“I just really want to thank the tutors for all their knowledge, guidance and expertise and helping to challenge my way of thinking about things and the world around me. It’s highlighted how we can achieve more together as opposed to working against each other. It’s liberating to be going into a practice where you and peers are equally supportive towards one another.”

Hear from two of our Social Work BA (Hons) students about their experiences studying at University Centre Bradford College: