Chelsea Back

Chelsea studyed for an Engineering HND and was profiled by DesignSpark as one of their Engineers of Tomorrow. In the video below she discusses what she liked about her course and studying at Bradford College.


Liam Sowden

 “The course is good, well taught and is close to home.” 

When Liam has completed his studies he would like to pursue a career as a Design Engineer and feels that Bradford College will provide the knowledge and skills he will need to advance his career.

HND Mechanical Engineering

Oliver Robson 

“I’d definitely recommend Bradford College to other people.  I’ve learnt quite a lot since enrolling on the course, especially about CAD.”

HND Mechanical Engineering

Nathan Harrison 

Nathan originally went to university to study Motor Sports Engineering but found the course wasn’t for him. He has since enrolled at Bradford College and has never looked back.  Nathan has successfully completed the first year of his Mechanical Engineering course, whilst working as a CNC Operator.  Nathan looks set to achieve his ambition of becoming a Service Engineer. Commenting on his Bradford College experience Nathan said:

“It’s a good course, the tutors are easy to get along with - they teach you very well.”

HND Mechanical Engineering

Scott Chandler 

Scott studies at Bradford College on day release and works within the Engineering industry as a Tool Maker with ambitious plans to become an Engineering Director once he has completed his studies.

“Coming to Bradford College has been great – I’ve definitely learnt a lot so far. It’s also helped complement what I do at work and helped me progress within the company. These qualifications will help me get to where I want to be in life.”

HNC Mechanical Engineering

Josh Ramsay 

“The course has been brilliant! The tutors are good… they’re really helpful and give you help whenever you need it.  What I’ve learnt on the course has really helped me at work as I’m a CNC Machinist so all the stuff we do here is relevant. I feel the course has really helped to progress my career.”

HNC Mechanical Engineering

Adam Stewart 

Creating precise Engineering, Adam runs a CNC Machine at work making parts for ejector seats for fighter planes and the Boeing airbus.  The knowledge gained on the course has really helped Adam with his current role.  Elaborating further Adam explained:

“Not only does the course help me with the machine operating side of things, but it also looks at the bigger picture in terms of how to manage a business, so it gives me wider choices in terms of career progression.  I’d like to be a Shop Floor Supervisor, with these qualifications I think I will be able to advance my career more quickly. I also think you get taken more seriously at work as a result.”

HNC Mechanical Engineering