'Exploring the Bradford Context' 14 March 2016

Experts on health and economic issues affecting Bradford met to share knowledge with academics at a colloquium held at Bradford College on Monday 14th March 2016. The 'Exploring the Bradford Context' colloquium featured speakers from the Born in Bradford project and the urban policy research organisation, Centre for CitiesDHB Exterior

The colloquium was a new venture for the college and it was hoped that the event would:

  • Link agencies and professionals involved in the Bradford Context
  • To update the Bradford College Academic Community on any issues which are salient to the Bradford Context
  • Generate opportunities and build on existing research projects
  • To establish another platform to continue to develop curricula and the learning experience of students
  • To share and celebrate the scholarly activity of Bradford College staff 
  • To host an enjoyable event to share expertise, experience and ideas

Born in Bradford is a long term study of a cohort of 13,500 children, born at Bradford Royal Infirmary between March 2007 and December 2010, whose health is being tracked from pregnancy through childhood and into adult life. The Bradford community provides a unique setting for a birth cohort study exploring the determinants of childhood and adult disease because of the cities levels of diversity and high levels of ill-health. In addition there is the opportunity to assess the impacts of migration and the influences of pregnancy and childbirth on subsequent health. Dr Pippa Bird, the principal research fellow at Born in Bradford was the main speaker during the morning session of the colloquium.

The Centre for Cities based in London focuses on understanding how and why change takes place in Britain's cities, including Bradford, and to produce research that helps cities improve their performance. Senior Analyst Ed Clark (London School of Economics) delivered an overview of the Bradford context alongside discussion regarding the various interventions that are ongoing, their emergent valuation and the political background of the city of Bradford.

Alongside these guest speakers during the colloquium, leading members of the college's own academic staff based at the University centre presented their work. Dr Trevor Rodgers-Gray and Ian Jones of the Faculty of Social Care and Community Practice, Pam Brook of the Bradford School of Art and James Archer from the McMillan Faculty of Education all presented, their presentations complemented the topics covered by our external speakers.

Videos from the Colloquium are available to view below in three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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