Annual Higher Education Conference: Tues 7th July 2015

‘The STAR (Scholarship for Teaching and Research) Conference: recognising heterogeneity and its impact.’


This year’s conference was held in the new Michelle Sutton Lecture Theatre and its surrounds, the Dye House Gallery and the Lister Café bar. The steering group was chaired by Dr Graham Stevens (Associate Dean) and the membership was made up of both Deans, Dr Clive Opie and David Smith; Director Of Learning Resources and Research, Ronan O’Beirne; SRCs Desma Brown, Nazia Yaqub and Sam Messam; Student Union Reps, Laura Pike and Robson Brown, Art Gallery Management Clare Lamkin and Helen Farrar, Head of Faculty Ruth Osborne, Staff Development, Kevin Frost. Clare Lamkin acted as the organising officer. There were 147 delegates in attendance with 98 contributing, and the conference comprised of: 

• 7 papers presented to the full conference

• 16 workshops and seminars, 

• 3 live performances (2 music, 1 street drama) from the School of Art and Design (now the Faulty of Art and Creative Industries) comprising of both staff and alumni.

• 17 staff gave examples of professional practice in an art exhibition from the School of Art and Design (now the Faulty of Art and Creative Industries) 

• 30 staff contributed to a series of poster presentations from a range of curriculum areas. 

• 4 representatives from the student’s union (stall)

• Representatives from the research support and learning resources (stall)

All appropriate content will constitute the forthcoming 4th Edition of the College Scholarship Journal ‘Epicurious’.

The full conference report is available to read as a PDF and is available on the right hand menu.


Conference video produced by Tony Bunn