Epicurious is our college e-journal produced by Bradford College academic staff, and which reflects our various areas of scholarship.

Epicurious -Bradford College Ejournal-Volume 1, Issue 4, December, 2015

This edition focuses mainly on articles based on the College HE Conference held in July 2015. The choice of Dr Barry Kennard as the keynote speaker was an excellent one. Dr Kennard offers an intelligent paper following his extremely interesting and amusing presentation on “Recognising Heterogeneity and its Impact”.  

Dr Mark Larrad and Joanne Courtney discuss the “Comparative Analysis of Education” while examining the perspectives vis-à-vis teacher education with respect to the College’s partnership with the University of Granada in Spain. It most certainly highlights Bradford College’s internationalisation initiatives and efforts.

Darrell Davis from the Law School writes about the “Expansion of Teaching and Learning Materials” narrowing it down to the ‘Public Service Apprenticeships’. The article is detailed, informative and interesting.

The article on “Sustainable Construction” is a true example of collaborative work between colleagues from different departments and teaching specialisms. Dr Khosro Jahdi from the Business School and Michael Frank from HE Construction combine their efforts to present a paper that will hopefully generate interest and discussion.

James Roger Cunliffe has had a varied and chequered career and his analytical work on “Apprentice frameworks” reflects some of that background as well as an appreciation for training. Since Roger has been heavily involved in apprenticeships at the College, the article is most definitely penned by a specialist.

Clare Dodsley has examined in great detail the impact of social media on her specialism, hospitality and the manner in which it influences consumer psychology and persuasion; a fascinating read and one that not only provides some answers but also creates a number of questions.  

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