The HE Student Handbook directs you to essential information about the college’s services and facilities and the regulations under which a programme of study will operate.

It should be read alongside the HE Student Contract Terms and Conditions 2017-18 Entry, which applies to applicants who accept the offer of a place, either conditional or unconditional, to study as a full-time or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate (UK or EU) higher education student of Bradford College, during the academic year 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019.

Students who are returning to study at Bradford College will return under the Terms and Conditions which were in effect at the time of their initial offer, provided their contract with Bradford College has not been terminated.

It should also be read alongside the College Charter and information specific to your School or programme of study. You can also find out more information about the College’s vision, mission and strategy.

You should also read this information carefully and alongside your Programme Handbook, which gives more specific information about your programme. 

If you would like to provide any feedback or comments about the HE Student Handbook, please e-mail Academic Quality and Standards at [email protected]

How to find information

Please use the links to the left, which contain sections from the HE Student handbook. You will then find sub-pages in these sections with more information.

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