How does Clearing work?

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Frequently asked questions

Clearing matches applicants to university places that are yet to be filled. It’s available to anyone who has made a UCAS Undergraduate application and doesn’t hold any offers. Running from 5 July to mid-September, you’ll be eligible for Clearing if:

  • you are not holding any offers from universities or colleges you’ve applied to
  • your place is not confirmed after exam results are published.

Clearing is for students who have applied through UCAS but do not have a place on a course.

You are eligible if:

  • you have achieved better grades than you were predicted;
  • you have decided to apply for University later on in the year after 30 June;
  • you hold no offers;
  • you received a conditional offer but did not receive the results required for your course;
  • you  have declined your offers or your offers were declined by default.

Clearing runs from 5 July, if you already have your exam results but you have no offers, you can use Clearing from July. A-Level results are released on 15 August 2019. View our list of key dates >>

Clearing allows you to apply for any course that has places left. You do not need to keep to the same subjects for which you first applied.

Our course vacancies will be available to view on our website. Our vacancies will also be published on the UCAS website during Clearing. When you find a course that is of interest, you can contact us to ask any questions you might have, and to see if we will accept you.

Once you have received an offer you need to add your Clearing choice within your UCAS Track account along with the institution details and the chosen course. 

If you have not applied for a university place yet, there is still time. You can apply via UCAS now, and you will need to do so before you can enter Clearing. If you apply through UCAS after 30 June then your application will automatically go straight into Clearing.


If you have achieved the grades you needed, you can proceed to accepting your offer via UCAS Track.

Don't panic! Entry requirements are important - but so is your experience. Give our Clearing line a call to discuss your options.

Call: 01274 088088 (lines are open 8am - 10pm. Excluding 15th August - 18th August when lines are open 7am - 10pm)

Email: [email protected]


Well done! If you exceed your predicted grades and think you may be suited for one of our other courses, you can apply for another course through the UCAS Adjustment process. 

A list of courses available during Clearing is available on our website. Please note, not all of our courses will be available through Clearing.


If you have not applied to Student Finance England for funding support, you need to do it online now.

If you have already applied to Student Finance England and are changing your course and/or College/University through the clearing process,  log-in to your Student Finance England account to make the changes.

Once you have received an offer from Bradford College, you may want to start thinking about where to live while you study. Through our student accommodation service we offer a number of accommodation options for College students, from living in halls to homestay accommodation. Find out more.