Learning is...Learning lightbulb

Communities of practice

Sharing learning and knowledge with others.

Experiential learning

Learning through reflection on experiences.

Situated learning

Connecting learning through cultural content and real activities.

Think about how you have been learning today.

Have you…

  • Discussed a topic with your peers in class or in the common room?
  • Read a news story and linked it with a topic in a module?
  • Worked with a group on a presentation?
  • Attended a lecture, workshop or seminar and developed ideas with your classmates?

Visited a location to see how it is used/could be used?

We work hard to provide effective feedback because we want to support your development and help you to achieve your goals.

Feedback is...

  • When you are trying to decide on a research topic and your lecturer gives you guidance
  • When you tell your lecturer about something you have read and you discuss how to include it in your assignment
  • Meeting for a group tutorial about your assignment
  • Receiving verbal and written comments about your work, project, assignment or practical
  • Having a conversation with your tutor about your progress, achievement or results
  • Obtaining direction, suggestions and advice about your studies
  • On-going and constant dialogue
  • Provided in many ways – face-to-face in classes and tutorials, via grades/marking and written via email or assessment feedback
  • Formal, informal and practical
  • Timely, fair and personal
  • Constructive to help you improve
  • Provided inside and outside the classroom
  • A chat in a corridor or café
  • A process which strengthens the learning process

Have you thought about how and when you receive feedback?

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