Incoming Erasmus students at the Erasmus Welcome Meeting, October 2013

Incoming Students

We welcome students from our partner institutions all over Europe through the Erasmus programme.  Incoming Erasmus students must first speak to the Erasmus coordinator at their own institution and be nominated for a place at Bradford College. 

Students must have a good level of English in order to succeed in their studies while in  the UK - an equivalent of IELTS 6.0 is required (B2).

We require the following documents in order to process an application: 

  • Application form (please see link on right)
  • Personal statement
  • English language qualification/statement of language proficiency (please see link on right)
  • Copy of passport
  • Learning agreement (provided by home institution) 

Application Deadlines

Semester 1/full academic year - 31 May

Semester 2 - 31 October

Please note, full applications must be received before the deadline otherwise they cannot be considered.  We will process all applications after the deadlines.

UK Grade Equivalency

  • A = 70% or above
  • B = 60-69%
  • C = 50-59%
  • D = 40-49%
  • E = 30-39%
  • FX = 20-29%
  • F = FAIL <19%

For any enquiries, please email  [email protected]

Incoming Erasmus students, Bradford College, September 2012