The UK is a world superpower when it comes to science, leading ground-breaking research and technology in medicine, sustainable energies, clean air and navigation. The UK energy workforce aims to recruit 200,000 new employees by 2023* so there’s no time like the present to choose a career in Science.

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Do you have an inquiring mind and a methodical approach? Do you want a practical-based course, exploring how Science is used in everyday life? Our Science courses will help you build skills and techniques across numerous stimulating topics such as the human body, science in industry, astronomy and chemistry, to name but a few.

If you enjoy planning and working on experiments, then learning within our purpose-built laboratories will suit you perfectly and you will work on innovative practical exercises alongside theoretical work. As we want you to experience life outside of campus, you will have the opportunity to attend relevant workplace visits, lectures and topical outings. Studying Science with us will be the perfect catalyst for progression into Higher Education to study subjects such as forensic science, biomedical science, microbiology and combined sciences.

The UK’s science industry will employ up to 260,000 people between 2015 and 2025!

*UK Commission for Employment and Skills

What should I study?

To help you decide which course is right for you, our progression route guide explains the various levels and qualifications required for your course and how you might wish to progress with your studies.

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Applied Science  A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics

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Career opportunities

Science career opportunities include working in biochemistry, biomedicine, embryology, forensics, genomics, pharmacist, meteorology, oceanography and research.

 Earning potential per year
Biomedical science£22,000 - £41,250+
Chemist£18,000 - £50,000+
Geneticist£18,000 - £60,000+

Higher education

Most senior roles will require a degree-level qualification. Our courses are designed to ensure you are qualified to progress onto degree level courses or move onto related subjects. As a Science student, you may choose to study Biology, Chemistry or Physics at a higher level or specialise with degree courses such as animal, biomedical, environmental and forensic sciences.