Passionate about Film and Media? We are too!

At Bradford College, we love media. We love making media, we love teaching media and film, we love watching them, and we really love talking about them. If you do, too, our dynamic, exciting, and stimulating courses are for you. These courses will deepen your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of different media and films, alongside TV, the internet, video games, newspapers, advertising, social networking and critically analyse how they are constructed and the meaning and messages they create.

At Bradford College we offer courses in the following subject areas:

Film and Media is growing

Career enhancement is at the heart of all we do, particularly within the Creative Industries. Employment in the Creative Economy has grown by 138% since 2008 and 2.1 million people are now employed in the Creative Industries.

Significant growth sectors such as Media, Film, Software and Publishing, Graphic Design, Advertising, Music, Culture and Arts have outstripped the general economy since 2013 by 5.8% and generate around £80 billion pounds per annum (around 5% of the UK economy.)