Short-term loans For Higher Education students

Loans are offered from the Bradford College Access to Learning Fund to students who have applied for all their statutory support but have not yet received it.  For example:

  • Full-time students can apply for help with living costs or childcare whilst their application to Student Finance England is assessed
  • Part-time students can apply for childcare costs whilst waiting for any Bradford College Access to Learning Fund Childcare Grant application to be considered

Checks will be made to confirm that the student:

  • Has applied for their main source of income
  • Is likely to be given the funding they have applied for (i.e. they meet the basic eligibility criteria)
  • Has enrolled and is attending a fundable course

Loans are not given when students are waiting for the next instalment of their statutory funding.

There is no interest on the loans, but they do have to be repaid as soon as statutory funding is paid.  If statutory funding is refused the loan will have to be repaid within the academic year.  The Student Finance Team will discuss a repayment plan and will also advise on any other sources of funding that might be available.

How to apply

You can complete an application in three simple steps:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Gather any documents needed
  3. Contact the HE Student Finance Team for a loan appointment. Call 01274 088502 or 01274 088642.