Our specialist facilities include textile and printmaking equipment, studio space, an art gallery and the latest film and photography equipment.

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Fashion and Textiles workshops

We have a wealth of traditional and digital resources. Our specialist fashion and textiles workshop facilities include industrial sewing machines, specialist machines, pattern cutting, industry standard mannequins and garment construction. Specialist industrial embroidery machines, including Irish and Cornelly machines are used widely across fashion and textiles courses. Pleating and embellisher machines are also popular with students.

Constructed textiles workshops include traditional eight-shaft weaving looms and our wonderful ‘George Wood’ floor looms dating back to the 1800s, but also industrial power jacquard loom and computerised Louet looms. Knitting machines cover a range of gauges, from fine to chunky knits, and also have digital knit capabilities.

Our dedicated textile print room includes full length silk-screen printing facilities as well as dye mixing facilities. Our two digital textile printers also allow students across the art school to see their digital designs come to life, while wallpaper designs can also be printed to scale. A large format laser cutter allows students to develop surface pattern and 3D ideas in a wide range of materials from plastics and paper to leather and textiles.

Specialist technicians work closely with students to support them in the technical aspects of their design projects and final collections.


Bradford College Textiles Archive

Sewing machines

All Higher Education students with the Bradford School of Art and the Northern School of Creative Industries are given opportunities to access the collections within the College Textile Archive to inform both creative practice and contextual studies projects.

Students can take inspiration from the designs created and woven by textile students towards the end of the 19th century, and discover the technical processes involved to create fabrics to a professional standard from the beautifully presented student workbooks.

The Green House

We've partnered with leading greetings card publisher Hallmark to set up the Green House, a creative studio within the Bradford College campus. 

The Green House is a unique opportunity for students to:

  • learn new skills directly from industry experts,
  • access to some of the best creative facilities and expertise in the country,
  • develop knowledge and design expertise through working with experienced Hallmark designers, illustrators and photographers.

The Dye House Gallery

Art School's Textile workshop - student weaving on a loom

Our beautiful Dye House Gallery exhibition space hosts free exhibitions and events throughout the year, open to the public as well as students. The gallery retains the charm of its origins as a dye house, making it an outstanding venue for art, performances, events, presentations and conferences.

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