Security and emergencies

College Security operates under the direction of our Facilities Management Team, which is based in 5F-24 in the David Hockney Building. The Facilities Management team also work with an outsourced company called CBRE to manage the maintenance and repairs across all Bradford College properties.

Safety is the main priority for Facilities Management, Security and CBRE, and they talk regularly to the Students' UnionStudent Services and Occupational Health departments to work together on your behalf to deal with and prevent incidents. They are also involved in a number of local initiatives and has strong links with Bradford University, the police, police community support officers and city centre wardens.

The emergency telephone numbers are:

  • Security - 01274 088090
  • CCTV control room - 01274 088090
  • Safeguarding & Wellbeing - 01274 088999
  • Fire, ambulance, police - 999 

Fire alarms – evacuation procedure

Immediately the siren sounds you must leave the building. Follow the fire exit signs.

Disabled students/staff – personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPS)

If you have a disability, make your way to the disabled refuge points. The refuge points have green flashing boxes on the walls and yellow cross-hatching markings on the floor. They are located at various points around the building. The green boxes enable staff or students who are disabled, or who are wheelchair users, to talk to CCTV control at all times during a fire alarm while they are awaiting evacuation instructions or assistance. Uniformed patrol staff will monitor these areas during their assessment of the building. The fire brigade will ensure you are evacuated if necessary.  

Re-entering the building

Security staff are in attendance at fire alarms and will issue instructions to staff/students regarding re-entry. Under no circumstances should the building be re-entered until clearance has been given by the Head of Facilities Management, Health & Safety Manager or, if the fire brigade are in attendance, by the senior fire officer.

Health and safety

All students and staff of the college have a responsibility for the well-being of others. If you are involved in orwitness any accident or incident at the college, then the incident must be reported on the online system.

First aid

Trained first aiders are located across the college campus. They are able to assess injuries and illnesses and can treatminor injuries or recommend consultation with a doctor or the local accident and emergency department. A list of first aiders is displayed in each building. If you need assistance and cannot find a first aider you should contact Reception and/or Security.

If you need an ambulance, dial 999 and ask for the ambulance service. You should:

  • State the name of the building where the ambulance is required, together with the floor and room number, or
  • the location on campus (if outside)
  • State the number of people involved
  • Confirm that the ambulance service has all the information it needs
  • Telephone the Security Control Room (internal extension 8090 or externally 01274 088090) and inform them
  • that an ambulance has been called and where it is expected to arrive
  • Go to the scene of the incident and confirm that an ambulance has been summoned.

A security officer will normally help to guide the ambulance staff to the casualty or will ensure that there is someone at the entrance of the building to guide them. The nearest accident and emergency department is Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane, Bradford BD9 6RJ.

Lost property

You are strongly advised to keep all valuables with you whenever possible. The college will not accept responsibility for articles lost. If you lose an item of personal property you should inform your tutor. Then, after a thorough search has been carried out, inform reception where lost property will be handed in and held for 3 months, at which time the items will either be suitably donated or disposed of.

Contact details

For general enquiries
Call: 01274 088088
Email: [email protected]