Paying for your childcare costs 2019/20

You can apply for a Learner Support Fund Childcare Grant* for help towards your childcare costs whilst you are studying.  To be eligible, you must:

  • Be aged 20 or over on the first day of your course (if you are under, you need to apply to Care to Learn)
  • Be the primary carer for your child(ren) and not have a partner at home that can look after your child(ren) whilst you are studying
  • Have a household income of £25,000 or under
  • Be using an OFSTED Registered Childcare Provider
  • Not be in receipt of the Childcare Element of Working Tax Credits

Childcare Providers

It will be your responsibility to find a childcare provider. If you want help with this, visit and follow the instructions to search for local childcare providers. The College does not have its own nursery but the University of Bradford (located next door to the College) does and this is open to college students.

Childcare providers have to register with the College. If your childcare provider is not already registered with us there will be a short delay in processing your childcare application whilst they register.

Further Information

To apply, just follow the same procedure as applying for the Learner Support Fund (19+).

All childcare payments will be made straight to your childcare provider.

All childcare payments are made based on the attendance criteria for the fund so you must attend your course regularly for payments to be made.

* Eligibility criteria applies