Students aged 19 or older have a range of choices

It depends on your qualifications so far, your goals - and finance.

If you are wanting to continue your education and gain more advanced qualifications, check out our table of progression options.

  • Students aiming for higher education can apply for a grant and possibly other support.
  • Students aged 24 or under and not in higher education may be able to continue their studies free of charge, depending on the courses they choose.
  • Students aged 19 - 24 will pay reduced fees if they take up an apprenticeship.
  • Students aged 24 or over may be able to get an advanced learning loan to help them study.
  • Other students are likely to have to pay fees.

Find out more about finance.

At Bradford College, we know the value of learning at all stages of life. We offer a wide range of part-time and community courses that you can study alongside work or other responsibilities. We also work with employers to help them provide training and development for their staff.

So contact us for advice and guidance on where to go next: we will help you find the course that's right for you.

Call 01274 088088 to find out about courses.