While studying at Bradford College, you may be required to pay fees for your course. Course fees vary according to your age, and course level.

Please see further details below.

If you are aged 19+ and studying a Further Education Course at Bradford College, you may have to pay course fees. Course fees are dependent on the number of hours and which course is being taken. Actual costs can be obtained from our FE team. Email: [email protected].

The following groups of 19+ students will be exempt from paying fees to study a Further Education Part Time / Community accredited* course at Bradford College:

  • Students studying on the second year of a course (who were 16-18 on 1st year)
  • Full-time Further Education students aged 19-23 at the start of the learning aim, and studying for their first Level 2 qualification (does not apply to ESOL courses)
  • Full-time Further Education students aged 19-23 at the start of the learning aim, and studying for their first full Level 3 qualification (does not apply to ESOL courses)
  • Full-time Further Education students aged 19-23 at the start of the learning aim, and studying for their first full Level 4 qualification (and don’t already hold a Level 3 qualification) (does not apply to ESOL courses)
  • Students who are currently studying an Entry Level 1 or Level 1 course, aged 19 - 23 at the start of the learning aim, and who state they will progress to a Level 2 course (does not apply to ESOL courses)
  • Students undertaking a Skills For Life course
  • Students undertaking GCSE Maths/English (if you don’t already hold a Level 2 (A-C grades)
  • Students in receipt of a qualifying means-tested benefit - see Fee Remission information below.

It is essential that you bring evidence of the eligible benefit (must be dated within 3 months of the date you enrol).  If you are unable to provide evidence of your benefit at enrolment, you will be asked to return with this evidence before you can enrol.  If you do not provide this, you will be charged tuition fees and any other associated costs.

  • If you are paying for your course (self-paying) you should expect to fill in a direct debit mandate, and we’ll start taking payments around a month after you start the course. We will try our best to spread your payments over several months depending on the value of your course. You must have your bank details with you on the day you enrol. To get you started, you will also need to make a first payment for the course on the day you enrol and our enrolment teams will let you know just how much that will be.
  • If you have proof that your student finance/advanced learner loan is already in place, please bring that with you as it will really help us to speed up your enrolment.
  • If you are applying for an advanced learner loan you will still need to complete a direct debit form. We expect your loan to be in place by the end of term one at the very latest. If your loan is delayed or not in place we will start taking payments from you via the direct debt until such a time that the loan is in place. Remember, if for any reason you are not eligible for a loan, then the course fees will have to be paid by you.
  • We have a fees team within our finance department and you can expect them to contact you by phone, email or text if there are any issues with your course fees and paying your fees. If you have any problems at all with paying your fees, it’s really important you talk to us so we can try and help.
  • Even if you are taking out a loan to pay your fees it’s important to remember they are still your responsibility, so getting documents filled out and returned to the right place is really key.
  • We hope you won’t have to, but if you choose to leave college, or withdraw from your course the fees will remain your responsibility and still have to be paid in full.
  • By signing your student learner agreement during enrolment you are agreeing to enrol onto the course and accepting that the fees have to be paid either via the student finance/advanced learner loan you have put in place, or by you (self-paying).

You may not have to pay course fees if you are aged 19+, are a UK or EU / EEA student and fulfil one of the criteria below. Please ensure you bring the relevant evidence required when you come to enrol. If you are enrolling by post, you must attach a copy of your evidence to the enrolment form. Individuals will be assessed based on evidence presented at enrolment. 

Fee Remission Evidence Required:

BenefitsEvidence to Bring To Enrolment
Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)A photocopy of the original letter from the Job Centre dated within the last three months* (see below)
Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and are in a work-related activity group (WRAG)  

A photocopy of latest letter from the Job Centre dated within the last three months. These are sent out every two years so you will either need a letter confirming that you are still receiving it or provide your two-year award letter and a current bank statement showing payments. This must be in your own name

Universal Credit
Anyone Jobcentre Plus determine as being in a work-related activity group, work preparation group or work-focused interview group

Entitlement to Universal Credit or work related activity group (WRAG)

Working Tax Credit
(non-accredited courses only -those with codes starting VAB and VAE)

(your total income should not exceed £17,500.00)

Copies of all six pages of the Working Tax Credit Award 2018-2019. If you do not have this please provide a copy of your Provisional Working Tax Credit 2018-2019 and a current bank statement showing payments. This can be in your own name or part of a family claim (husband and wife)

Income SupportA copy of an original letter dated within three months (this must be in your own name)* (see below) 
Housing BenefitA copy of a letter dated within last three months (this must be in your own name)* (see below) 
Asylum Seekers

Asylum Registration Card
Aspen Debit Card and current purchase receipts

All learners enrolling on a course below Level 3 who earn up to £16,005.50 per year are eligible for fee concessions 

Contract of Employment or a payslip dated within the last three months

Fee concessions are also available if you earn less than £16,005.50 per year.

*If this letter is more than three months old, you must provide a confirmation letter or the original letter and a current bank statement showing payments in the last three months.

Please note: If you do not have a British passport you will need to bring an up-to-date copy of the following:

  • Your visa
  • Your family/husband/wife's passport if you have come on a family/spouse visa
  • Residence permit (photocopy both sides)
  • You should have lived here for one year; Asylum Seekers/Refugees for six months
  • If you are on a Spouse/Family Visa and have been here for less than one year, you will be covered by your sponsor/husband who will need to have been resident in the UK for at least one year.

Please note: To obtain fee remission, evidence must be in YOUR name. We cannot accept the evidence of dependants.

Please note: Fee exemption / fee remission is not available for learners aged 24+ studying an accredited course at Level 3 or above.


If your employer or sponsor is paying your fees, please provide us with a letter from the company. This must be an original letter on the company’s letter-headed paper; copies, handwritten letters or emails cannot be accepted.


If you are not eligible for fee exemption or fee remissions and you are paying for your own course, support may be available to help with this.

If you are aged 19yr+ and undertaking a Level 3 Course or higher, you may be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan. You can also apply for help with costs from Bradford College.

Accredited and non-accredited course fees

Further Education funding bandsFee (2017-2018)
Community learning  (All Accredited course)See fee structure below
Community leisure courses (Learning for Leisure) NON CERTIFICATED£3.20 per hour
IT centreTo be confirmed (please contact us)
Full cost coursePrice on arrival

Fee structure

Delivery hoursQualification type/SizeFee 2017-2018 (capped)
1 – 36Award (1-4)£99
37 – 100Award (5-12)£286
101 – 196Certificate (13-24)£550
197 – 292Certificate (25-36)£1050
293 – 388Diploma (37-48)£1050
389 – 580Diploma (49-72)£1050
581 – 1060Diploma (73-132)£1050

All fees exclude examinations, registration and administration charges. These fees are applicable to all learners, except those with full fee remission.


All students will be expected to make arrangements to pay their fees at the time of enrolment.

  • The college accepts payments by cash, cheque and all major credit / debit cards as well as instalment payments by direct debit.  
  • Instalment payments are allowed on courses with a minimum value of £150. An initial payment will be 15% or a minimum £50 (whichever is the smaller) with the rest of the fee payable over a maximum of 8 further direct debit payments during the length of your course. All fees must be paid between August and June / the end of your course (if earlier than June) to ensure all payments are made prior to you finishing the course (even if you are returning in future years).
  •  All courses costing £150 or less must be paid for in full at enrolment.
  • Learners aged 24+ at the start of their course who are studying Level 3 and above will need to take out an Advanced Learning Loan or self-fund the course at the same rate. If an employer is paying the employer will be charged the Advanced Loan fee from LARA.
  • If your employer is paying for the course, you must bring to enrolment a letter, on company letterhead, from your employer which states this. Unless you bring this letter you will be asked to pay fees at enrolment. Sponsor fees must be paid within 30 days of the invoice – if payment remains outstanding the student will be automatically liable for the fees.
  • A number of fee concessions are available for students aged 19yr+ depending on eligibility – see above for details  
  • Eligibility for funding for non-UK / EEA citizens depends on individual circumstance - please see contact us on 01274 088088 for more details

Some of our part-time & community courses for adults are accredited: they can lead to useful qualifications and skills that will help you on your career path. They provide you with a recognised certificate of achievement, and they are an excellent stepping stone if you want to progress in your studies. Note: you may need to have completed other courses before you enrol.

Accredited courses include Community interpreting, ITQ qualifications and British Sign Language courses.

Non-accredited courses include courses in design, health and social care, and technology and digital.