Care to Learn*

If you are aged 16 to 19 and need help paying for your childcare costs while you are at College, you can apply to Care to Learn for help.  The on-line application is available on the following website:

Care to Learn will only pay for your childcare from the start of your course if you apply within 28 days of the course start date.  If you apply after that, your childcare provider will only be paid from the beginning of the week that your application was received.

The Student Finance Team will be alerted when you apply to Care to Learn, we will write to you to tell you what you need to do next.  You will have to provide a copy of your child's/children's Birth Certificate(s) or Passport(s) and a letter confirming you receive Child Benefit or Child Tax Credits for 2019/2020. You will also have a short form to complete.

Summer retainers

If you are planning to return to the College in 2020-21 and you receive Care to Learn funding in 2019-20, you may be eligible for the Summer Retainer.  Care to Learn should contact you automatically.

For help and advice, please contact Care to Learn: 0800 121 8989 - option 1

Childcare providers

It will be your responsibility to find a childcare provider.  If you want help with this visit and follow the instructions to search for local childcare providers.  The College does not have its own nursery but the University of Bradford (located next to the College) does and this is open to College students – visit

Additional financial support

If you need additional financial help towards your course materials and travel costs, you can also apply to the Learner Support Fund*.

* Eligibility criteria applies