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14-16 Students


Great Courses for 14-16 Students

Coming to College can be an exciting step - an opportunity to learn new things, get useful qualifications and meet new people.

At Bradford College we have lots going on and great facilities.

Here are the range of part-time vocational options we have on offer for young people who are aged 14-16

  • Childcare and Education
  • Construction
  • Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  • Hospitality
  • Public Services

In addition, we have Foundation Courses, which offer you a mix of class-based learning, practical experience and employability and personal development skills. You can choose a range of vocational pathways (involves tasters in a range of subject areas before you select your chosen subject) including Art & Design, Business, Catering, Childcare, Construction, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Land-based studies, ICT or Sport.

You'll be in a small group with lots of tutor input, and you will build up a portfolio about your studies. These courses are great stepping stones to further study or employment.

Full-Time Pathways Offer:

For 2016-17, Bradford College is offering a number of Vocational Pathways.

These pathways offer students aged 14-16 the opportunity to experience a wider range of sector-focused skills and an insight into a wider range of career opportunities within a skills sector, each of which is linked to a nationally-recognised vocational qualification. As an integral component of the Vocational Pathways Programme, students study and undertake a package of four GCSEs (English, Mathematics, Science and Citizenship).

Each student will have an individual Learning Mentor/Coach to oversee their progress and their pastoral care whilst on the programme.

The Vocational Pathways Offer:

• The Service Industry Pathway
• The Construction and Engineering Pathway - Linked to a STEM Pathway (Engineering and Science)
• The Beauty Industry Pathway
• The Health and Care Pathway.

The College also has courses specifically for young people who have English as a second language, our English for Speakers of Other Languages course combines English with mathematics, visual arts and understanding local culture.  The courses are full-time and students are required to undertake an assessment prior to starting the course to ensure the most appropriate level is offered.

There is also a range of other full-time Level 1 and Level 2 packages available.  Please see the prospectus for further information.

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