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Have Your Say - Elections and Campaigning

Bradford College Students’ Union is a democratic organisation.

This means that we are led by you, our members, and each year a group of students are elected to become the Student Executive Committee. As all Bradford College students are members of the Students' Union, all students can vote and have a say in what happens.

The elected students lead the Union on behalf of all of the students at the College. They make decisions about the way the Union operates and the kind of activities that the Union organises and supports. They lead campaigns to improve the lives of students at the College and work with the College’s management team to make changes in the interest of students.

The President and Vice-President are full-time roles with students who win the elections taking a break from their studies for one year to lead the Union.  The President and Vice-President are based in the Students’ Union Office, David Hockney Building.

The Parliament

The Students’ Union Parliament is the largest committee of the Union and its decisions can only be over-ruled by a referendum of all students.  It meets once a term 

All Bradford College students can attend meetings of Parliament.  

Parliament is a good way to find out about how your Union works, it’s also a good place to start if you want to make a change in College or want to launch a campaign on an issue.

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