If you ever need support, please don't be afraid to approach the college. You can find out more on how to get in touch by visiting our Stay Safe pages.

Student Health and Safety

Important health and safety rules

  1. Don’t throw anything over the balconies from any floor of David Hockney Building – to do this would result in instant exclusion from the college
  2. Don’t run around the college
  3. Think about others who may be studying and don’t shout or scream
  4. If the fire alarm is sounded, follow the instructions of your Tutor or College Fire Wardens and exit the building through the route advised by them. 
  5. Never use the lifts always use the stairs.
  6. If you unable to go down the stairs you should go to a marked Emergency Refuge Point.  These points have communicators that can be used to alert security to your location, don’t worry you will be assisted to safety. 
  7. Always ensure that you go to your fire assembly point, ask your Tutor if you are unsure.