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How Do I Access Moodle?

The direct link is  We advise to bookmark the link or create a shortcut on your desktop.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the College’s VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). It is used to support teaching and learning online.

How Can it Benefit Me?

Moodle is accessible to learners 24/7 on any computer, laptop or internet enabled device. It is a media rich environment where you can:

  • Choose to view or download resources at any time or revisit classroom activities online, catch up on missed classes
  • Watch short video clips, or specially selected TV programmes through e-Stream, listen to audio or podcasts
  • See scheduled events on the calendar helping you to organise your time and remind you of important assignment and exams dates
  • Easily and quickly submit your assignments online without having to come into College and view grades and feedback at the same time, (formal assignments can be monitored for plagiarism)
  • Track and monitor your own progress by taking online quizzes and informal tests
  • Communicate with your peers through the discussion forums and share ideas and experiences
  • Send messages directly to your tutor and other learners on your course
  • Gain access to a wide range of electronic resources and journals to help with your research and assignments
  • Access e-books online

The real advantage of Moodle is that you can catch up on your work at any time and do not necessarily need to be on campus to do all your research.

How do I Know if I Have Access to Online Learning?

Your tutor will let you know if you have access to any online learning material. All learners who have enrolled at the College have access to Moodle however it is not always the case that you have access to an online module you are studying. If in doubt, ask your tutor.  Even if you do not have any courses online you can still use the Library subject pages which will provide resources to help your studies.

What Happens When I Log into Moodle for the First Time?

In order to start using Moodle you need to activate your IT account.  As well as accessing Moodle this username and password can be used to access your email, your College document storage and to log into a PC on campus.

If you are experiencing problems with logging in you can contact the IT Services Help Desk on 01274 433062.

Once you have logged in you can click on Update Profile and then type in the relevant information about yourself.  During your induction into your online learning space your tutor might have some digital cameras available so that you can take your piccie in class.

Where Do I Find More Information and Support?

For all administrative issues email  You can phone the Moodle Help Desk on 01274 431631. You can also ask for help when you’re in the Libraries.