Enrolment information for 2019

Everything you need to know about when to come to College for Enrolment.

All dates and times are subject to change. Please check this page regularly for updates.

  • All planned enrolments take place 10am–7pm, Monday–Friday unless otherwise stated.
  • Queues/waiting times are longest between 11am–2.30pm, so try to avoid these times, or be prepared to wait.
  • Enrolment can be a lengthy process. We aim to process you as quickly as possible, but you may need to allow between 2-4 hours to complete your enrolment.
  • Please bring the following to complete your enrolment: ID (plus residency documents if you’re not a UK/EU/EEA/ Switzerland citizen), Exam Results, Proof of Address/Residence, Proof of any income/benefits, Proof of any Support entitlement(s). See the full list of documents to bring with you.
  • Applicants aged 16-18 for full-time courses will receive an invitation to attend a ‘Save Your Place’ event (attendance is compulsory to receive an offer and progress to the enrolment stage). Following the ‘Save Your Place’ event, applicants will receive an offer followed by enrolment details via email/letter – please keep your contact details up to date!


Progression Enrolment, 28 April–24 May

Internal Progression for existing students, Level to Level and Year 1 to Year 2 etc. Course tutors will lead this process for current students and communications will be sent via email, SMS and on the student learner portal.

Early Enrolment for 19+ Adults, 8–12 July

Adult enrolments for full and part-time 19+ courses, including people with non-conditional offers)

Enrolments for Community Courses, 19+ Adult part-time and Access to HE, 5–16 August 

Adult enrolments for full and part-time 19+ courses, including community subjects and for people with non-conditional offers where GCSE results are not required or are already known.

ESOL Enrolments for 19+ adults, 19–21 August*

Enrolment for students studying English for Speakers of Other Languages.


Main Enrolment (Further Education and A Levels) 23–30 August

(excluding Bank Holiday Monday 26 August, and Tuesday 27 August)

Further Education (FE), fulltime courses (A Levels & Vocational) for 16-18 year olds & Adults 19+ for Access to HE only (conditional offers - awaiting GCSE results)

On 22 August there are no booked enrolments but the College will be open for GCSE Results Day & an Open Event – 11am-2pm, with limited walk-in enrolments available.

Fast Pass - Enrolment Returners Day, Tuesday 27 August 

Enrolment will only be available for invited applicants and/or applicants in receipt of a Fast Pass and needing to return to the process with ID, exam results or additional paperwork etc.


Late Enrolments

Further Education (FE) 16-18 and A Levels Late Enrolments, 2-6 September*

Enrolments for 16-18 full-time FE courses onto subjects with spaces* available.

Adult (19+), Community and Late Enrolments, 9–20 September

Community/part-time courses and Late Enrolments, for full- and part-time courses for Adults 19+, plus late enrolments for people aged 16-18 onto courses with spaces available.


*More dates may be added – check the page regularly for updates