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Images, Film and Sound Resources

Resources for Images, Film and Sound

There are many searchable collections of still and moving images, music and sound on the Internet.

Bradford College subscribes to several image and multimedia collections which include copyright-cleared resources which students and staff of Bradford College can use in their teaching and learning. 

Art Museum Image Gallery

The Art Museum Image Gallery (AMIG) is an online collection of over 155,000 art images and related multimedia files from museums around the world. Coverage is from 3000 BC to the 20th century. The images are copyright cleared for educational use. Please use your college username and password to access this database from off campus. You will first need to select "UK Higher Education" from the drop down list, then select Bradford College and enter your College username and password. 


ArtStor is an image database featuring a range of images from some of the world's leading museums, photo archives, scholars, and artists. It has more than two million images from 280 collections that can support many topics including Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Design, Fashion & Costume, , Literature, Religion, Theatre, World History, and much more. The image library is constantly growing with new collections added monthly, continually expanding areas of reference and study. To access ArtStor off campus: click on LOG IN from the ArtStor home page, Select 'Log in through your institution'. Type in Bradford College or select from the drop down list and click on LOG IN. Enter your college username and password. You may be asked to register. Please use your college email address. 

Britannica Image Quest

Britannica Image Quest is a searchable database of digital images that allows access to more than two million images that are rights-cleared for educational use. The images are from over 50 of the best collections in the world, including: Action Plus for sports; Photo Researchers; akg-images; Getty Images; and Photoshot.


Formerly JISC MediaHub, MediaPlus is hosted by Alexander Street with over 100,000 videos, images, and sound recordings.

Anatomy & Physiology from Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures: Anatomy and Physiology Online (APO) includes high quality, 3D, informative images and information on anatomy and physiology. Please enter your college username and password at the Bradford College Shibboleth Login page. 


The online resource for visual arts. VADS comprises over 100,000 copyright-cleared images for use in teaching, learning and research. Collections include a number of important Fashion, Textile and Design archives.