Most electronic resources subscribed to by Bradford College Library do not require a username and password to access them on campus, but you must be using a pc that you have logged in to and that is networked.

Most of our electronic resources can be accessed off campus using your College username and password. This is the same username and password that you use to access a college pc, your college email, Moodle and the staff and student Intranets.

Bradford College staff, please note that your username has changed (July 2018). Your username is now the first part of your college email address. This does not affect student logins.

It is important that students and staff access the electronic resources from the links on the Electronic Resources section of the College website. This will provide the correct URL for each electronic resource and instructions on how to access that particular electronic resource off campus.

UK Federation (Shibboleth)

1. When you have found the electronic resource on the College web pages that you want to access, click on the link to access the resource.

2. On the resource home page click on a link to Login - look out for any one of these links (they all mean the same thing but different publishers use different names):

  • Institutional login
  • Remote Users: login via  your home institution/organisation
  • Shibboleth login
  • UK Access Management Federation
  • UK Federation

3. Then choose your institution's location - UK

4. Select Bradford College from the drop down list, and click on select

5. Enter your College username and password

If your connection hangs please close your browser and start again.

IP authentication and EZproxy

All computers have a unique IP address. Using this form of authentication will allow you to access our electronic resources from any IP address belonging to a Bradford College campus computer, so anyone on campus can access our electronic resources. To use these electronic resources off campus you must access the resource via the Electronic Resources section of the college web pages.  Off campus we are using a system of authentication called Ezproxy. When you have found the electronic resource that you want to access, use the "Click here for off campus access" that is at the bottom of the electronic resource description. You will then be prompted for your College username and password. 

Password authentication 

There are some electronic resources that have their own individual username and password and are not authenticated by IP address, EZproxy or UK Federation (Shibboleth).  These usernames and passwords can be obtained from the Library Information Desk on the second floor of the David Hockney Building.  As use of these usernames and passwords is restricted to the staff and students of Bradford College, you will be asked to show your Bradford College student or staff ID card as proof of identity.