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 Application options...

Our Higher Education Admissions Team will still consider applications received after the 15 January UCAS deadline, however you should aim to have your application with us as soon as possible to increase your chance of securing a place.

    1. UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is the second stage in the UCAS application process, it is available for applicants who have not found a suitable course offer so far. Extra allows you to apply for one course at a time between 25 February and early July. If Extra is available to you, it will show up as a button when you sign in to UCAS Track. You should be eligible if…

- You are not holding any offers from any of the colleges or universities you applied to
- You have changed your mind and declined all of the offers you have received

If you want to apply for one of our courses you will need to add the details in UCAS Track, you will be required to include our UCAS institution code which is BRC B60. You can call our Registrar Services team on 01274 433008 if you wish to discuss your application. If for any reason you are declined you will be able to log back into your UCAS account and add another choice on Track.

Visit the UCAS website to find out more about UCAS Extra.

* Please note that the final date to apply via UCAS Extra is 4 July 2017

    2. Not used your five UCAS choices?

If you haven’t used all five choices and haven't yet accepted a place, you can still add more to bring your total up to five. 

    3. Not made a UCAS application?

If you’ve not yet applied to start a course in September 2017, there’s still time to make an application. Bear in mind that applications which were submitted by the 15 January deadline will take priority so try and submit your application as soon as possible. 

If Bradford College is your only choice you can apply to us directly. Call 01274 433008 for more information.

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