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Marvina Eseoghene Newton

Independent Governor


Marvina Eseoghene Newton is a Nigerian born community leader, activist, feminist and mother of two, Founder and CEO of Angels of Youths.

Angels of Youths is a charity that aims to lift up young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to help challenge inequality. She inspires community development projects, which are imaginative, inclusive and productive. The charity aims to bring forward positive change for young people in the UK, involving them in project design and management of programs sensitive to culture, past and present.

Inspired by her heritage, history, culture and experience of excellent mentorship in her youth at Crown Prosecution Services, Marvina enjoys serving the community and mentoring young people to inspire change in their lives.

A qualified Prince 2 Project Manager Marvina was also the Project Director of Nigerian Community Leeds, creating projects that advance education, promote racial harmony and advance enterprise. Marvina was also instrumental in leading the Endsars campaign and founded Nigerians United in Diaspora Foundation to support the strategic development programme to improve Africa.

She is a Co-opted Trustee for children and young people for West North Leeds Community Committee.

A Trustee (shadowing the Chair) of Path Yorkshire, a positive action training organisation addressing the under-representation of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, under the auspices of Leeds City Council.

Marvina radiates a passion to tackle key social / political issues that affect youths.

She has an advocate for decolonising education, using her role on various Boards as Governor at Hollybush Primary School, Student Union President of Bradford College and Campaign Executive Officer of African Arising UK to inspire Re-editing History.

Marvina was also a Bio-Medical Technician at NHS St James Teaching Hospital at the Histopathology Department.

She is also the founder of My Queer Culture, an organisation that puts BAME LGBT people at the front of the gay scene. In doing so, she organised the first BAME march of Leeds Pride in 2015. She is largely unpaid and her work falls well beyond the 9-to-5 limit we all hope to stick to.

Marvina is the Founder of BLM Leeds and United for Black Lives Movement Mentor and supports the strategic development programme for creating an equitable society for all black lives in the UK.

For more information on Marvina Newton or Bradford College’s other governors, please email the Clerk to the Corporation.

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