Paul Garside Profile Picture

Paul Garside started his life at Bradford College as a student but has since progressed to his role as a full time teacher Course tutor.  He scooped a number of high profile awards during his time as a student at Bradford College. As the winner of the Bradford College Computing prize for Academic Achievement and the Leeds Metropolitan University Computing prize for the Best Overall Contribution to Higher Education Computing, dedicated Paul is no stranger to success. Paul worked in the printing industry for 14 years, but gave up work to care for his disabled son. Paul explained: “When I finished caring I wanted to go back to work, but the printing industry was a dying trade, so I retrained in Computing.” Paul’s plans to become a Higher Education tutor were realised and he is now working at the College inspiring other Computing students.

Bradford College provided Paul with the opportunity to retrain, having worked in a defunct industry, to a role within the thriving world of computing. The Leeds City Region Labour Market Analysis 2016/2017 reiterates that the proportion of total qualifiers from HE Computing is small relative to the proportion of job openings in the region, creating a wealth of opportunities for recent Computing graduates.


“I’ve been enthused so much that I want to pass on my knowledge and open up opportunities for other people like they’ve been opened for me.”

Full-time Teacher and Course Tutor HE Computing