Skills for Independent Living

Our Skills for Independent Living courses make sure that each student is provided with the foundations to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Learn to complete day-to-day tasks by yourself if you have a disability, learning difficulty or any additional needs.

Our tutors will help you get better at speaking, reading, writing and maths.

Take care of your own money, cook your own food and plan your own career.

Be more sure of yourself and able to live an independent life.

What you can learn

We will support you to gain:

  • Soft skills
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Employability skills
  • Confidence in relationship building
  • Experience of work

Courses we offer

Personal development

We provide our students with real-life skills that promote independence and guarantee that our students are set for life.

Students are supported and encouraged to integrate with Bradford College students and staff, helping to build confidence in real-life environments.

Build confidence, independence and trust at Bradford College.

Safe learning environment

Our facilities offer help and support for each individual, aiming to cater to their direct needs in a safe and controlled environment. Students are at the heart of what we do so providing tailored spaces, experienced staff and equipment is what we do best. We provide our students with:

  • A sensory room
  • Ease of access to all facilities e.g. lifts, hoists
  • Additional support tutors
  • Supported breaks

Career Coach

Unsure what you want to study? Use our Career Coach tool to help you discover the best course for you based on your interests.  

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