The college is supporting an NHS awareness campaign to break down myths around organ donation and increase support and to ensure that people are aware that the law in England is changing this year and what the change means.

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What is the new law?

The new law, which will come into effect in Spring 2020, will mean that all adults in England will be considered as having agreed to donate their organs when they die unless they record a decision not to donate, known as ‘opt out’, or are in one of the groups not covered by the new law. 

Launch event 

A launch event took place on Thursday 27 February in the Bronte Lecture Theatre. As well as giving information about organ donation, staff and students attending the event were able to hear first-hand experiences from a transplant recipient, a donor family, and hear from religious representatives on what different faiths believe about donating organs.

Why is Bradford College involved?

Bradford College’s involvement in the ‘Pass It On’ campaign is to help inform and empower people to become donors, particularly from black, Asian, mixed race and ethnic minority backgrounds where there is a critical shortage of organ donors.

Karen Piotr, Special Projects Officer at Bradford College who is part of the project team has a personal interest in the subject. When Karen's husband Mark died suddenly, their previous conversations about organ donation helped her to make the decision to agree to donation. Through Mark's death he helped eight people. He donated his heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, corneas and tissue. Watch the video below to hear Karen's story. 


Below are a series of q&a's along with a video from NHS organ donation. Further information can be found on the NHS organ donation website.

Frequently asked questions

The law is changing in Spring 2020, this means all adults in England will be seen as organ donors when they die, unless they make the descision to Opt out or are part of an excluded group.

The new system will come in to action during spring 2020 but it will take approximately 12 months for the law to be passed.

Families will be involved in the process.

If you have not opted out of donation and are not part of an excluded group, you will be considered to have consented to organ donation.

You will be able to appoint two people to make the final decision about organ donation for you. For more details visit the NHS organ donation website.

In December 2018, NHS Blood and Transplant introduced a new feature on the NHS Organ Donor Register to provide reassurance to people that their religious, faith or belief-based concerns would be honoured during donation. For more details visit the NHS organ donation website.

NHS specialist nurses will always do what they can to involve faith representatives if a family requests this. For more details visit the NHS organ donation website.

More information can be found via the NHS organ donation website.