Future engineers ready for next steps

Ruth Peterson | August 26, 2020

Future engineers are heading to university and beyond after gaining outstanding qualifications on an Access to Higher Education course.

Prosper Godson and Jake Mitchell have both praised Bradford College’s Access to Higher Education Engineering course for providing them with a unique and interactive learning experience.

And Jake, who achieved distinctions across his course, said: “I’m very excited for the future!”

Getting ready for university

The Access to HE Engineering course enables adults aged 19 and over to study for a qualification which allows them to progress to engineering-based Higher Education courses. It opens doors to degrees in areas such as Medical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Mechatronics and Robotics.

Physics, Maths and Engineering Science Lecturer Dr Arti Prajapati said: “Our students have gone from this course to apply to universities including Manchester, York, Bradford, Huddersfield and Newcastle.

“It helps them become far more confident and gain a strong knowledge and understanding of maths and physics, which will help them to achieve their goals at university.”

For Jake, the course offered a chance to move back into education after a difficult experience at sixth form. He said: “I was stuck as to what I wanted to do. I was finding my job search in Bradford difficult and I had reached the point where I was sick of being in this stasis.

Moving from GCSE to more advanced levels

“I found out about the Engineering access course at Bradford College , and I knew that was what I wanted to do. Maths and physics are subjects I knew I could do in a more positive, constructive state of mind than I had been in before.”

The course covers maths and physics from GCSE level before moving up to more advanced levels and areas. Jake said: “It was very accessible. The fact I could go into the course without the need to drown in text books to catch up was a great relief.”

Before embarking on the course, Prosper Godson had a specific aim in mind – to become a pilot. He said: “I had dreamed of becoming a pilot since primary school. I loved the dynamics of seeing things fly, and thinking how a plane that weighs so much can fly in the air. What better way to learn about that than to fly myself?”

Prosper realised he wanted to go back into education, so he spoke to a careers advisor who told him about the Access to HE Engineering course.

He was 19 when he began the course. He said: “Doing the course as an adult is different to going to school as a child.

“It was an introduction to what we will be doing at university,” Prosper continued.

Positive learning experiences

“The best things for me were the teaching methods compared to how we were taught at GCSE level. We had one-to-one sessions with teachers. If you didn’t understand anything, we could email and Arti would answer as fast as she could. We had very interactive sessions with our teachers which, for me, were superb. I liked the fact she gave us assignments to do at home. It made us responsible for our own learning.”

Jake agreed that the subjects were being taught in a different way to school, which made it a more positive experience for him. He said: “Arti was there to help when necessary. If there was something I was struggling with, she would explain it in a way which helped me.

“So with something we had learned, I would ask, what if a certain situation happened, and Arti would explain how to apply that knowledge to it. The different ways in which different students understood things was clear. We all approached problems in our own ways but the way we were taught allowed us to learn in a way that was right for us.

Opening the door to university and beyond

Because of its focus on maths and physics, which can be applied across a range of areas, the course can open doors to a wide range of subjects. As well as engineering, learners can also progress to primary and secondary education courses with mathematics, mathematical sciences, mathematics with theoretical physics and astrophysics, among other areas of study. Learners can also go on to economics, finance and accounting.

“As well as attending the classes, you also need to do some independent learning outside lessons” said Prosper. “You need to be willing to go the extra mile.”

Jake has now achieved a place at the University of Liverpool, and has already recommended the Access to HE Engineering course to friends who have found themselves in a similar position to the one he was in.

Prosper has secured a place at Salford University to study aeronautical engineering, but has decided to take a gap year before starting his course.

Prosper said: “I would definitely recommend it to other people. I’m sure so many people are thinking of going into education again as an adult and I would definitely recommend an Access to Higher Education course to them. 

After completing this course, learners can also progress to:

  • Primary education with Mathematics with QTS
  • Primary education with QTS
  • Primary education with Mathematics
  • Mathematics and secondary education
  • Mathematics with Education
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mathematics with theoretical Physics
  • Education and Mathematics
  • Astro Physics and Education
  • Physics
  • Philosophy and Physics
  • Physics with Acoustics

Learners can also progress to Economics with financial services, Finance and Economics, Accounting, and finance.

You can find out more about the course, and how to apply, on our website.

If you are aged 19+ but don’t have the right qualifications or grades for university, Access to HE could be perfect for you. Our courses let you move on to degree-level study at Bradford College, other universities, or into employment.  To find out more about all our courses visit www.bradfordcollege.ac.uk.

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