Could you be a governor at Bradford College?

Ruth Peterson | August 25, 2020

Could you help to transform lives in Bradford?

If you’re looking for a chance to support students to take the next steps forward in their studies and careers, Bradford College may have just the role for you.

The college is looking for people to join its board as an Independent Governor during an exciting time for the college as it seeks to improve, become more innovate and create an even better experience for its students. 

Bradford College Corporation has a diverse and highly committed membership.

Among the most recent members to join the board are Lendy Ho and Billy Khokhar, who have been with the corporation for a year.

“I wanted to support my community”

Billy, who was born and raised in the city, worked in adult and community education at the college for more than 10 years and is now a director at the Open University. He said: “My whole life has been about adult education.

“I wanted to do something to support my local community and contribute towards its economic and social development through teaching and learning. What better place to do it than my home city of Bradford?”

This voluntary role offers an opportunity to work with like-minded individuals dedicated to transforming the lives of young people and adults across the City of Bradford and surrounding district and helping to strengthen the local, regional and national economy.

Could you be who we’re looking for?

A high degree of integrity is important, along with a commitment to excellence and achievement.

The College is looking for a wide range of skills to complement its existing membership and is particularly interested in hearing from individuals with one or more of the following areas of experience:

•             Audit

•             Finance

•             Legal

•             HR

Billy added: “I enjoy the feeling that I’m making a contribution towards Bradford in some way. I would say, to those considering becoming a governor with the College, you have to be really interested and invested in your students and staff. I would say if you truly want to be a governor, you have to really believe in the liberating power of teaching and learning.

“We work for our customers and our customers are our students and staff. We want people who can contribute, even if that contribution is their enthusiasm. Everybody can have something to offer.”

“I’ve learnt so much”

Like Billy, Lendy Ho became an independent governor last year after searching for volunteering opportunities and hearing from her mother-in-law how rewarding it was to be a governor at a school. After an informal chat about the newly advertised position, Lendy chose to apply. She said: She said: “It is a good challenge in terms of understanding how a business works at a board level and how problems are solved. The management I’ve worked with in the past year have done a fantastic job and I take my hat off to them for what has been achieved in the short amount time I’ve been involved. I’ve had experiences I would never otherwise have had.”

“I’ve learnt so much about the human spirit and everything the college has brought for the community, for example their turnaround in responding to Covid-19 ensuring students and staff safety throughout.” 

Personal and professional benefits

The role has benefitted Lendy both personally and professionally. She said the exposure to the workings of a business at board level had been useful for her job as a manager at a specialist housing organisation. She said: “I think to be a governor, you have to be open-minded and have an interest an intrigue in learning about different processes and approaches to life. Tenacity is important – there are so many things happening within the college, it helps to have the tenacity to find out more – how to approach the right people, how to ask important questions.

“It’s great for learning and to improve your networks and you can give back a lot to the city. It’s really rewarding.”

The Corporation welcomes applications from all backgrounds.

Find out more

This is a voluntary role, however reasonable expenses are paid.

It requires a commitment of approximately one day per month, which will include all preparation and meeting time.

Meetings are normally held at Bradford College, Great Horton Road, BD7 1AY, however due to restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, meetings have been held remotely.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to have an informal discussion about the role, please email the Clerk to the Corporation.


How to apply

Please send your CV with a brief covering letter summarising your interest in and suitability for the role to by 11 September 2020.

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