Staff become care heroes in fight against Covid-19

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Bradford College’s first online session for ‘care heroes’ training to support vulnerable people during the Covid-19 outbreak has taken place today (28 April 2020).

Bradford College is among colleges working with Bradford Council, SkillsHouse and Skills for Care to run a three-day induction programme enabling people to join a pool of staff working in nursing and care homes in the district during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bradford College is running its induction programme online through Microsoft Teams, with a series of modules for trainees to complete in areas such as safeguarding, nutrition, and a variety of other skills allowing them to provide person-centred care. There are 17 new relief workers on the register.

Nine staff from Bradford College have volunteered to help deliver the training.

Wesley McGlinchey, Head of Department for Early Years, Social Care and Progression, said: “All of the staff involved volunteered to take part in this training, wanting to do their bit to help in the crisis. We are incredibly proud of them, especially as they all are doing it above and beyond their contracted teaching hours.

“On behalf of Bradford College, I would like to thank the following wonderful staff for volunteering. Thank you Fiona Arundel, Julie Adamson, Susan Caton, Dawn Davidson, Karen Hadfield, Christine Harrison, Claire Holliday, Nichola Wood and Nicola Waite.”

Bradford Council and SkillsHouse are looking for casual care relief workers to join a pool of staff helping the district’s vulnerable residents during the Coronavirus pandemic. DBS checks, references and coronavirus health checks will be run before work begins and training will be provided.

If you think you could help, please complete an application form at