Student blog for Colleges Week - going to College has changed my life!

I didn’t really like high school because I didn’t feel that the work challenged me, and the teachers didn’t help me with my troubles. I ended up leaving high school in year 9 and was home schooled for a year. Then one of my family members contacted Bradford College, telling them that I wanted to do something else than high school. The college invited me in for a meeting and assessment and they gave me a place in the 14–16 section. I was so happy to get a new start in my education.

In my first year I noticed that the classes were a lot smaller and the people were friendly, well-behaved and more respect than high school students. The teachers always made sure they challenged me and pushed me to my limit which has got me far, doing well with my GCSEs. They also made sure that I was always okay in lessons and that nobody was troubling me. They made lessons interesting and also added fun trips which was always something to look forward to. Cara Sutcliffe main pic

Bradford College has helped me improve on a lot of skills: socially and mentally. I have improved on my mathematical skills, I have got a lot better at English and knowing how to write professionally without slang. It also helped me find the course (software development) which fits me.

College has also helped me socially. I use to be scared of making new friends and as a result I had bad anxiety, but after a few months of being at Bradford College they have helped me so much. They get me out of my comfort zone and talking to new people, making friends and speaking out loud. So now I am not afraid of talking to anyone, I am super confident and make friends with everyone.

In my opinion Bradford College have a lots of great activities for you to do in your spare time. I love going to the gym at Trinity Green. The boxing room is really fun to go to when you have nothing to do because it keeps you on your feet and is a good way to relieve stress.

The college also has facilities to help me with my studies. For example, there are study rooms which are good to go in for two hours to catch up on work, they have workshops I can go to when I want to try get ahead on work or recap anything I’ve done before, they have computers to do research and a library where so I can go and read about my course and different coding.

Going to Bradford College has changed my life!


Cara Sutcliffe
Level 3 Software development planning course, Year 1.