Student blog - College is a stepping stone to the future

College feels different to school. It's a different, but very welcome experience where students (like me) are treated like the independent young adults we are.Daisy Barraclough

I love that students are encouraged to be independent, but at the same time, support is there if we need it.

I love that going to college allows me to expand my knowledge in the subjects that interest me, rather than mandatory subjects I had to take at school. I know that what I'm learning at college is for my benefit and the future I want for myself.

I love the diverse range of people, from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds that there are here at Bradford College. There's so many people with so many different interests, yet I've never felt more accepted. Everyone is very accepting, and so I've found it easy to make new friends.

There's also more to college than the courses. There's always something happening or opportunities to join in and people listen to my views. For example, in September I was proud to participate in the Climate Change protest along with friends and classmates.

For me, college is a safe place where I can learn, develop and get ready for the future.


Daisy Barraclough

A Level student at Bradford College