Industry expert lifts the veil on Special Effects for Media Make-up students

Stuart Bray, Prosthetic and Special Effects expert, demonstrated his specialist skills to Media Make-up with Special Effects students in a masterclass at University Centre Bradford College. Bray has worked in the Film and TV industry since 1994 and worked on hit productions like Saving Private Ryan, Shaun of the Dead, the Harry Potter movies, and most recently Game of Thrones. Stuart Bray giving a masterclass on media make-up

Bray’s workshop focused on specific techniques he uses to make prosthetics: "Mainly we’re looking at how you float pieces of off cores, to make flat moulds. That’s spun into a whole series of questions about sculpting and mould-making generally."

Having worked in the industry for a considerable amount of time, Bray says he values the opportunity to host a workshop for students: "Younger people don’t have the baggage I have from watching the 80s movies and that kind of stuff, they come at it from a completely different angle and I find it keeps me on my toes because I’m thinking about why I do things the way I do and it addresses the assumptions I have. So it keeps me in touch with how the world’s developing".

Media Make-up and Special Effects tutor, Rebecca Truman, highlighted the importance of bringing in active practitioners to ensure students are exposed to industry-standard techniques. "The prosthetics industry moves fast due to the rapid development of new technologies and techniques. It’s important to bring in cutting edge professionals to keep us all up to date." 

Truman continues: "Today, Stuart is demonstrating a technique that will enable us to make better and more efficient prosthetics". She also hopes the workshop demonstrated how Media Make-up is a craft where trial and error is in full effect. Bray adds: "Hopefully they’ll realise this is not just something that just happens. The default position for all this stuff is, it goes wrong."

Bray also wanted his demonstration to reveal that prosthetics and special effects make-up is "a real thing that somebody can do, rather than this magical thing where the mechanism of how it’s achieved is hidden. We judge people on their final work, but you don’t necessarily know what goes into making it. I try and lift the veil on all that."

Our Media Make-up with Special Effects BA (Hons) course provides an insight into the fast-paced and diverse world of media make-up, offering a wide range of skills and career opportunities upon completion.

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