College students take over the airwaves

For two nights only, music students from Bradford College took over the airwaves as they put together their own radio shows.

The students prepared, recorded, edited and produced two half-hour evening shows for BCB Radio. With a brief of producing a show exactly 29 minutes and 52 seconds long, the programme showcased music created by young musicians from the college.

Nic Sykes, Music Performance and Production Course Leader at the college, said: “The students promoted their original music by performing live and playing tracks they have recorded at college as well as hosting some interviews.’

“For them to have that opportunity was fantastic.”

Produced with support from staff at BCB, the show also promoted the students’ course, the Level Three Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production.

They were also required to broadcast two idents, letting the audience know they were listening to "BCB Radio on 106.6FM".

David Carpenter, youth development worker at BCB, said: "The students were great. They used a variety of techniques including pre-recorded interviews, live music performance, and group discussion to create interesting, ear catching radio. They are obviously great musicians and producers, and they rose to the challenges that radio brings. These included learning new technical and interpersonal skills, as well as dealing with changing plans, and hitting a broadcast deadline. They would be welcome back anytime to do it all over again."

He added they were “a good, talented set of young people. What they produced was good and of high quality.”

For those who didn’t hear the shows the first time, they will be broadcast again on December 28 at 6pm and 6:30pm.

You can find out more about Bradford College’s Music and Performance courses on its website.