Textile students welcome Prestigious visitors

Bradford College student David Palmer, right, gets feedback on his design work from staff from Prestigious Textiles

Textile design students from Bradford School of Art have shown off their creative skills to the head of an internationally-renowned business.

Trevor Helliwell, chairman of Bradford-based fabric and wallpaper firm Prestigious Textiles, cast his expert eye over collections put together by students on the BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design degree.

Having been challenged by Prestigious Textiles to deliver a home furnishings collection to appeal to a middle income female customer aged over 30, the students were thrilled to get feedback on their creations when Mr Helliwell and one of his leading designers, Marie Parry, viewed the end results.

“The variety and quality of the collections was very impressive,” said Mr Helliwell, who founded the business in 1988.

“The students have delivered some really creative work and clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the project.”

The students were grateful to receive advice from a firm that sells fabric and wallpaper around the world.

Second year student David Palmer said: “It was particularly interesting to get feedback on which designs were more appealing commercially.

“They were looking at it from a commercial point of view of course. It was not just about what they liked, but what would sell and how it would be to manufacture.

“People in the business can be direct, and that was good for us to hear. I think we all listened and learned.

“The project has been a challenging. It really stretched all of us, but it has been very worthwhile and given us a better understanding of designing in the real, commercial world.”

Solange Enguemok, also in her second year of the course at Bradford School of Art at Bradford College, also welcomed the expert critique.

“It was very good for me to get to hear the thoughts of someone with so much experience in the business,” she said.

“It has made me think more about costs and trends and being commercial as well as the artistic considerations.”

Lecturer Hannah Lamb thanked Prestigious Textiles for working with the students.

“It has been a great project that has given the students a real insight into the business they are looking to enter,” she said.

“It has been great working with Prestigious Textiles and we are very grateful for their support and hope we can collaborate further in the future.”