Taboo topics tackled

The panel at Living in a Sexualised Society debate at Bradford College

Students from Bradford College and the University of Bradford came together to discuss issues around living in an increasingly sexualised society.

Organised by the Bradford College Student Base and the Islamic Theology Society of the University of Bradford Union of Students, the conference saw religious leaders, artists and students explore what living in a sexualised society does to the mind, body and soul.

More than 100 students from the two institutions attended.

Among the speakers was Imam Khalid Hussein, who spoke about maintaining spiritualism in today’s sexualised society.

Subira Patience Ismail, Community and Welfare Officer at the University of Bradford, delivered a thought-provoking talk on the psychological effects the media and the current social environment can have on young people.

Religious singer Khaled Siddiq gave a motivational speech and performed. Student Daawood Hussain also gave a musical performance.

Mohammed Azeem, youth worker from the Bradford College Student Base said: “The event was a huge success with commentary being shared via twitter across Bradford and amongst mosques.

“This was a unique opportunity to hear people of a wide background come together and speak on a topic that can be deemed to be too taboo by cultural and religious expectations.

“Feedback from students was positive and the Student Base and Bradford University student Union look forward to working with each other again.”

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