Students build go-kart for Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby

Student Aiden McNaughton in Bradford College's Toad in 'Ole go-kart

Construction and engineering students from Bradford College put their skills to the test building a go-kart to compete in a soapbox race.

Students took a donated old mobility scooter and transformed it into a kart called Toad in ‘Ole that was raced against other homemade machines in the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby.

The Bradford College contraption, driven by 17-year-old student Aiden McNaughton, came a creditable eighth in the wacky race in Hull on Saturday which raised money for the Smile Foundation charity and attracted hundreds of spectators.

A total of 26 colourful and creatively-designed karts took part in the event which saw the vehicles compete to complete a 450m downhill course in the fastest time.

Marc Osborne, engineering trainer and assessor at Bradford College, said the project had been a great experience for the 20-odd students involved.

“Designing and putting the kart together required the students to use all the skills they have learned from machining through to welding including filing and turning,” he said.

“They also learned how to do fabrication and bonding metal to wood. They also had to understand designing and making modifications.

“It was also a good chance for them to pick up teamwork skills – picking up other people’s ideas and working together to find the best solution to a problem.

“The kart was well engineered. It needed no running repairs on the day – unlike some of the others.

“It is the first time we have entered this event but we already plan to go back next year - and win it.”

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