Media students ready to take to the airwaves

HND Creative Media Production student Kamil Czechowski at BCB Radio

Budding broadcasters from Bradford College are set to go live after getting hands on in a radio station.

Media students from the college’s Northern School of Creative Industries will take to the city’s airwaves as part of a project with local radio station BCB.

Two groups of students will each broadcast a live magazine-style show this Wednesday, April 12, via the community station that can be heard on 106.6FM and online.

The HND Creative Media Production students will present and produce the live shows, having already had pre-recorded shows go out over the weekend.

Student Timurhan Seicamet, who will produce his team’s show on Wednesday, said: “Being in the radio station is an interesting experience. There are a lot of interesting characters and some very technical equipment such as the mixing board and software they use to put a radio show together.

“Radio is something that I have always been interested in so going on work placement is great experience of the industry.

“Right now I am feeling quite confident about the live show but closer to the day I will be nervous. We have got to be organised and timed to perfection.”

Fellow student Student Kamil Czechowski is enjoying spending time in a working radio studio. He said: "I am a hands-on type person, I like to be on set using a camera, or being the editor so this course is perfect, there is lots of great content."

David Crighton, media and film lecturer at Bradford College, said: “This time last year I sat down with Mary Dowson who runs BCB and we wanted to put together a project that was more than just students undertaking a generic work placement. Mary and I worked collaboratively to plan out a curriculum offer which would involve the students having radio theory input at the Northern School of Creative Industries and practical workshops at BCB studios.

“The aim of the assessed project was to prepare the students, in their groups, to produce one pre-recorded magazine show and one live magazine show. In order to do this the students have been working for months securing interviews with councillors, businesses, bands, charities and other local organisations. The hard work gone into developing material for the shows has given the students a real sense of what is required to work in broadcasting; the creativity, the understanding of audiences, the sheer level of organisational planning and technical skill required.

“Students undertaking a video production module were also given the opportunity to work at the station to produce digital video output for BCB. This is something the students involved have thoroughly enjoyed and they've particularly learnt about how to tailor their creative thinking to meet the needs of a client.

“I couldn't be happier with how the collaboration with BCB has worked out. Sometimes collaboration is a word thrown about but with little substance. In this instance I really feel the equal input from both the Northern School of Creative Industries and BCB has provided an opportunity the students will be able to drawn experience from for years to come.”

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