Law student lands internship in Hong Kong

Terri Schofield, a law student at Bradford College, secured an internship with Hong Kong firm Dragon Law

A Bradford College student has embarked on a prestigious summer internship in Hong Kong.

Terri Leigh Schofield, who is studying an LLB law degree at Bradford College University Centre, has headed to the former British colony to spend her summer holiday working for Dragon Law.

The 23-year-old is spending two months with the legal software firm and hopes her international work experience will give her an edge when she starts to job hunt.

“I realized that I had to think outside the box to give myself an edge in such a competitive career as law,” she said.

“Travelling to the other side of the world has given me an increased confidence, self-worth and independence. I am hoping to pick up some Cantonese classes whilst I am out here which will also help me largely in my career.

“The team at the Dragon Law are all highly qualified and interesting people who have had amazing careers. Being in an environment around this type of character will hopefully continue to inspire and motivate me to achieve the best that I can.”

Terri is on the part-time degree course and combines her legal studies with a full-time job with the charity Brathay Trust which supports vulnerable young people and families.

Although not yet sure whether she wants to become a solicitor or barrister, she hopes to have a better idea of which career path to follow after her Hong Kong trip.

I hope that my internship will help me make my decision,” she said.

“Looking at my character and motivations to enter law, I believe I would fit well into the career of a barrister. I am a very result driven person, advocating for others is most definitely something I can see myself doing."

She is full of praise for the course and staff at Bradford College.

“I am really enjoying every element of my law degree," she said.

“Each lecturer I have worked with so far offers a different learning style and caters to the needs of the group so well

“They have all had amazing careers and inspire and motivate us to succeed. The content of the course is also amazing. The lecturers encourage healthy debate, invite us to comment and discuss the content of the lecture. The combination of these very important factors are what motivate me to come back every week regardless of how tired I feel.”

There are still a limited number of places available on law degrees starting this September. Anyone interested is invited to contact the HE Registry team on 01274 433008 or [email protected]