The Science Behind Fine Cuisine

Students at Bradford College are learning fundamental aspects of science in new and innovative ways. Chef Paul Johnson and lecturer Simon Marshall delivered a fascinating video lecture displaying cutting-edge culinary techniques being developed in top restaurants.

In a series of lessons students learnt that Science, cooking and creativity are converging on innovation, providing modern cooking with new flavours and new experiences.

The collaboration came about when Simon was approached by a colleague to deliver a lecture on the science behind molecular gastronomy and this is when he approached colleague Chef Paul Johnson. The lecture demonstrates how closely linked food production and science are.

The video looks at the use of agar as stabiliser and the science behind spherification. These are techniques associated with some of the finest restaurants in the world. This enables students to see how science is inextricably linked to cookery; the science behind cookery is nowhere near as complicated as it is sometimes made out to be in the media.

"I am always telling the young chefs on the course that they are true alchemists as they change the molecular structure of food in a variety of ways by the application of time, temperatures and additional ingredients and application" said Chef Paul Johnson. He continues "We are very proud as a department to be developing a greater understanding food reaction rates at a molecular level."

Paul and Simon aspire to make further video lectures as it is a prime opportunity to motivate learners and they can use many different kinds of media as a means to assess learning.

The recent lecture can be viewed via the video below.

If you’re interested in studying Science or Catering at Bradford College, visit our upcoming open event on Saturday March 18th 2017.