Chief Constable speaks out on domestic violence at Bradford College conference

The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, Dee Collins, at the White Ribbon Conference

The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire told an anti-domestic abuse conference that her force was committed to tackling the issue, which accounts for around 10 per cent of all crimes it deals with.

Chief Constable Dee Collins was speaking at the White Ribbon conference that was hosted by Bradford College on Friday.

White Ribbon is a global campaign which features men working to end male violence against women. It aims to educate and raise awareness of violence against women, and to engage men in these issues.

It asks supporters to sign a pledge to 'never commit, condone or remain silent about men's violence against women in all its forms'.

West Yorkshire Police became an accredited White Ribbon organisation last November and in recognition launched 16 days of action against domestic abuse.

Chief Constable Collins assured the audience at Bradford College, which included academics, students and support staff, that tackling and reducing domestic abuse remained a key priority.

She said: "I am a huge supporter of this campaign and to be leading an organisation that can really do something to help victims and families means I have a massive obligation to personally stand up and support campaigns such as this.

"I am really keen to try and do what we can in a gentle, persuasive way, to encourage everyone to come forward and report, to educate men and women about what is acceptable behaviour and to make society a better place. 

"My personal experience says to me that the vast majority of men in our communities absolutely do not support domestic violence in any way whatsoever but we still have a number of people who still do not see that it is an issue. We need all men and women to recognise that domestic abuse is not acceptable against anybody.

"As an organisation we are doing what we can to try and raise awareness and support victims and witnesses and encourage people to come forward and report."

The Chief Constable said that while incidents of domestic abuse in West Yorkshire had risen over recent years this was largely down to better recording and reporting.

And she said the introduction on body-worn cameras plus greater multi-agency and partnership working was having a positive impact on dealing with the problem.

Also speaking at the conference, which had the theme of the 21st Century Man, was Andy Welsh, Chief Executive Officer of the Bradford College Group, Jane George, head of Faculty Social Care and Community Practice at the College, Jed Dinn of the Bradford Hate Crime Alliance and Chris Green OBE, founder and Executive Director of the White Ribbon Campaign.

There were also presentations from members of the Bradford College Student Base and a dance performance by students from the college's Performing Arts courses and music from the School of Rock and Media. 

Bradford College has been an accredited White Ribbon organisation in 2014.


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