Catering students get a taste of the Royal Navy

Navy chefs put on a demonstration at Bradford College

Catering students at Bradford College learned about job opportunities in the Royal Navy during a cooking demonstration from two servicemen.

Petty Officer Wayne Claridge and Leading Chef Steve Thewliss visited the college to talk to Level 2 Professional Cookery students.

Petty Officer Claridge said: “We don’t just feed the crew, we also cater for VIPs, including royalty, presidents and prime ministers, during formal events that are held from diplomatic reasons.

“Catering is at the very heart of the service. Without food you wouldn’t have a Navy as you wouldn’t have a crew. 

“We explained to the students all the varied career options, the training they would receive and the opportunities that would be open to them in the Navy.

“We also highlighted the importance of food safety. If the crew get ill that affects operational capability, so the standards are very high."

Chef lecturer Paul Johnson said: “As a college we are about employability. We are training our students for the world of work so this was a great demonstration that there is not just one career path in catering. There are many varied and exciting jobs out there for skilled chefs.

“It was inspirational for the students to hear from people who have travelled the world and earned good salaries thanks to their skills as chefs.”

Student Faisar Hussain said: “It is easy to think as a chef you will only work in a restaurant but this opened my eyes.

“They told us about the different roles on the ship, the salary and the fact that you can go away for six months at a time.

“I had never thought of career in the forces but it sounds really interesting and I am considering it now.”

Fellow student Louis Brooks added: “The possibilities are exciting. They told us they had worked on submarines, destroyers and frigates.

“I was surprised by how good the food is they serve. It is high quality and so an exciting place to work as a chef.

“They told us about the basic training we would go through and the secondary jobs we would have, such as being a firefighter.”  

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