Panama Bilingue project group from Bradford College visit Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food

Two groups of Panamanian trainees, currently studying for a semester at Bradford College visited Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of food, to experience an alternative food education with an emphasis on nutritional understanding Students at Ministry of Foodand cookery skills.

The session was led by Andie Laidlaw, who spoke to the groups about the number of adults who struggle to cook resort to packet products, which are much less nutritious than home cooked food. He engaged the students in nutritional discussions and compared the culinary experiences of young people in Britain with their experiences in Panama.

The Panamanian students had some fun in the kitchen during a practical workshop where they prepared and cooked chicken fajitas with a salsa dressing. The students had a great time and found this to be a highly enjoyable and delicious activity.

This week it has been in the news that the funding for Bradford’s Ministry of Food is being cut which will result in the closure of this excellent facility. For more information or to add your support follow visit the Keighley news website.