Hannah’s flowing artistry enriches learning

Detail of 'Baptism' panel by Hannah Lamb

 'Baptism' panel by Hannah Lamb Students are drawn to Bradford School of Arts & Media since their lecturers are all practising artists whose teaching is enhanced by their constantly developing their own work.  Visitors to the Ebb & Flow exhibition in Grimsby can see the latest work by textile artist, Hannah Lamb, who lectures in embroidered design on the BA (Hons) Surface Design & Textile Innovation programme.

The Ebb & Flow exhibition is staged The 62 Group of Textile Artists, a prestigious collective of renowned practitioners established fifty-two years ago. Membership is international and its continuance and selection for its exhibitions is highly contested and decided by a panel of members, with success indicating distinction.  This show explores themes around Grimsby’s history recalling when it the world’s largest and busiest fishing port: the rhythms of the sea and time, the ebb and flow of life, abundance and workers drawn to the fishing industry, as well as the loneliness of life at sea and for those waiting for their return.

 “I was delighted my work was selected for the Ebb & Flow exhibition. The work is called 'Baptism' and consists of three printed and embroidered silk panels. It explores the euphoric experience of cold water swimming. The primeval draw of water and ancient symbolism of ritual and spiritual cleansing are evoked through personal observations; feeling exposed yet empowered, connected with nature, the visceral, sensual awakening of the body traced as shimmering marks on the surface."

 Hannah Lamb, textile artist and part-time lecturer at Bradford School of Arts & Media

 'Baptism' panel by Hannah Lamb While Hannah, who is highly qualified, holding a first class honours degree in Embroidery and a distinction in MA Textiles, as well as a teaching qualification, is well-known for her embroidery work, which has featured in many magazines, her practice is much more diverse and includes print, photography and construction, as well as stitch, inspired by nature.  

The Ebb & Flow runs from 9th September to 2nd November 2014 at The Fishing Heritage Centre, Alexandra Dock, Grimsby and Grimsby Minster, St James Square, Grimsby.