Research Seminar Explores Social Responsibility

The third of a series of research presentations took place at Lister Building today, when Dr Khosro Jahdi and Ruth Wilson talked about social responsibility.

Dr Jahdi (pictured above) teaches marketing at Bradford College, and researches corporate social responsibility – in particular, the linkages between corporate reputation and corporate social responsibility. He explained the complex inter-relationships between organisational personality and image, and the potential benefits of social responsibility, including improved sales, reduced costs, stronger staff retention and enhanced external identity.

However, he also explained how social responsibility can be superficial, with plenty of high profile examples of corporations not living up to their professed standards. There was lots of interest in the talk from staff who are studying in this area.

Ruth Wilson had received a research grant for dissemination. She summarised the work she has done profiling social responsibility at Bradford College, explaining the definitions and methods used to build up a long and summary report. This has been followed by two surveys and on-going work to develop this area of activity.

The research grant was used to commission a series of photographs which are being exhibited around the College. They show many facets of College life where groups come together in ways that are socially responsible. The full set of posters is on display at McMillan Building until January 2014 when it will move to Old Building.

The research series enables staff to hear from researchers who have received support from the College’s research grants fund.

In addition, Bradford College is set to host a major international corporate social responsibility conference next summer: please get in touch if you are interested in presenting a paper, or running a workshop or other activity.