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Student safety and wellbeing is an essential duty for Bradford College

A message from the Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team Lead – Abda Hussein

The Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team is here to support you during your time at Bradford College, to achieve your potential and help ensure your time here is an enjoyable and outstanding experience. We are committed in making sure our learners are safe and protected from harm. This includes, supporting you with your mental health and wellbeing throughout your time at College.

Our team is kept up to date with training and professional development. By actively learning and monitoring changes in legislation we ensure that we are equipped to work with our students. The team promote student activities, deliver training and organise events around safeguarding and wellbeing themes. These events and sessions are held on site, within the community, and by using social media as a platform. We promote a multi-agency way of working and develop positive links with local charities and organisations.






All Bradford College staff are trained in Safeguarding and our staff and learners are encouraged to raise concerns.

Our specialist Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team can provide support with the following:

  • Something or someone is making you feel really unhappy
  • Somebody is making you do things that you don’t want to do
  • A situation you are in feels dangerous, risky or uncomfortable
  • You are worried about a friend, classmate, brother, sister or other family member
  • You have feeling of not being able to cope
  • You feel over whelmed
  • You have feelings of low mood
  • You feel anxious
  • You have worrying thoughts and emotions

What we will do ….

  • Listen to you
  • Believe you
  • Keep you safe and out of danger
  • Help you find the best way forward
  • Explain to you if we need to involve anybody else

We have a non-judgemental approach and take all concerns seriously. We will only refer on to internal and external services/agencies if required.

We are here to support and provide you with expert guidance as and when you need us. Remember, it is good to talk and share your concerns.

Guidance for students:

You can contact the safeguarding team on 01274 08899907872 052703 or a member of duty staff via Teams. Alternatively, you can email

Staff from the Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team can be found on the Ground Floor, David Hockney Building (DHB) Safeguarding and Wellbeing Duty desk and on the Student Services Triage Desk at Trinity Green. The team is available from Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. 

All staff at college are here to help and will ensure you are put in touch with the appropriate support or sources of help. 

Safeguarding Support

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Welfare Support

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Last updated: 23 September 2021

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