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Do you think you need some extra support to succeed at College because of a disability, learning difficulty, long term medical condition or other learning need? 

The Disability Services and Learning Support Team is here to help you.

We are committed to supporting all students to achieve their potential and get the best out of their time at Bradford College.  We want you to be able to plan for life after College as well.

We want you to:

  • Enjoy College and progress with your studies
  • Become as independent as possible
  • Make friends with other students and feel part of our College community
  • Prepare for your future within the wider community outside College

Decisions about your Special Educational Needs

How will the College know if you need extra help and what should you do if you have special educational needs?

When you complete your application form, you will be asked about any additional needs you have.  It is vital you tell us about your additional needs so that the College can assess if we can support you at College.

How is the decision made about what/how much support you will need?

The College will provide reasonable and appropriate support to students with individual needs and encourage you to develop your independence.  This may mean that you need more support when you first start College and less support as you progress and develop independence.

You will be able to discuss your needs with our specialist staff.  We will also be liaising with your school, Careers Advisors and Local Education Authority during transition planning.  This will help us to agree with you the support that will meet your needs at College.

Support for learning and wellbeing

How will College staff support you?

Our friendly and specialist team is here to help.  We provide expert support for students with a wide range of conditions including:

  • sight impairments
  • hearing impairments
  • long term medical conditions
  • teaching and supporting students with moderate or severe learning difficulties
  • dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition/Asperger’s Syndrome
  • physical disabilities
  • mental health difficulties
  • social and emotional barriers to learning

With your consent, we will share information about your support needs with staff who will be involved in your progress throughout College.

Support may take the form of:

  • in-class support (guided by LDA/Section 139a)
  • one-to-one support from a specialist tutor or well-being advisor
  • counselling
  • smaller classes (in some of the Progression to learning and work classes)
  • loans of assistive technology and training in how to use it
  • one-to-one tutorials from your curriculum staff
  • communication support from a communication support worker
  • note-taking support

How will you help my family to support my learning?

We are keen to have families and carers involved where necessary and where a student has given consent for this to happen.  We will also invite your family in to parent and carers’ advice evenings.

What support will there be for my overall wellbeing?

Students have access to Personal Tutors, Disability Services staff, Student Services staff, Student Union staff and Counselling staff.

Who can I contact for further information?

Before enrolment at the College you can talk to staff within our Disability Services and Learning Support Team.

If you are unhappy with the support we are providing, please contact Chris Thornton, Disability Services and Learning Support Manager: c.thornton@bradfordcollege.ac.uk 

Progress planning and keeping you informed

How will I know how well I am doing?

At least once each half term you will talk through your progress with your Personal Tutor. You will review your targets and set new ones. 

How will you involve me in planning for my education?

College staff will discuss your aspirations and wishes when planning your education with you.  Your Personal Tutor will discuss next steps and the College also offers impartial advice and guidance through our Careers Team.

Provisions, resources and services

How will learning and development be matched to my needs?

We will regularly monitor, review and make changes to support, if necessary, to ensure it is effective in promoting your independence and progression.

How are the College’s resources allocated and matched to young people’s additional learning needs?

The College is commissioned by Local Education Authorities to provide support for students with high support needs (likely to cost more than £6000).  It is vital you talk to us as early as possible if you intend to enrol at the College as we will need to talk to your local authority about your plans.  Local Education Authorities tend to allocate places in the October/November of the academic year before.  Therefore we need to discuss your plans with you as early as possible.

For other students with educational statements, the College will consider the statement and perhaps talk to other professionals outside the College who know you well. This will help us to consider whether we have the specialist staff capable of meeting your needs.

What specialist skills and expertise are available at or accessed by the College?

The College has expertise in the following areas:

  • teaching and supporting students with moderate or severe learning difficulties
  • dyslexia and specific learning difficulties
  • visual impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • mental health
  • emotional and behavioural issues
  • physical disabilities
  • long term medical conditions
  • assistive technology

Accessibility and inclusion

How accessible is the College environment?

Most areas in the College are fully wheelchair accessible or currently being improved for accessibility. 

How will you include me in activities outside College?

The College ensures that visits and trips within courses and study programmes are accessible to students with additional needs. 


How will you prepare me to join the College, transfer to a new College or the next stage of education or life?

We will support you in your transition into College, progression within College and after College.

To prepare you for College we may offer all of or some of the following:

  • taster days at College
  • visits to College
  • visits to your school by tutors or support staff to see you in your school environment
  • a link programme to build up your time at College so you feel ready for a full-time course
  • summer school

To prepare you for moving on from your course we will work with you to help you make decisions about your next move.  We will support you with completing application forms and interview practice.

With your consent we will pass on information about your support needs to any new establishment.

More information about the Local Offer

Find out more about the Bradford Local Offer.

Last updated: 19 May 2020

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